Best Features In The Game GTA San Andreas

GTA- San Andreas is a game based on the GTA series. There are several more GTA games that you find, but it is one of the best that people love to play. It is the game that is played from the third-person perspective as they can either follow the store, clues and meet the people or just steal the cars, money and even beat up the pedestrians.

A person can consider playing this in any way, and if they want GTA San Andreas 700 MB download, that is also even so easy.

There are people who may be playing the game for the first time, and they may not know about the game properly. They are not aware of the features it has and everything related to that.

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There are several features a person can experience in the game; they can improve the Al features where they can bet up the random pedestrians and steal the cars. In addition, there is a huge map where they can drive easily knowing about everything. The game even has more than 100 missions which make things even more, engaging for the gamers.

Is it safe to play?

It is the question that is asked usually whether playing GTA SA is safe for the users or not. Then people should know that it is safe; it is not harmful unless the person is hacking the game. It may ban them from the game and nothing else.